An example of dishonest reporting

Here is an excerpt from the Political Ticker’s story this morning about Senator Obama:

It appears Barack Obama’s teleprompter is hitting the campaign trail.

The Democratic presidential nominee has never tried to hide the fact he delivers speeches off the device, though normally he doesn’t use one at standard campaign rallies and town hall events.

But the Illinois senator used a teleprompter at both his Colorado events Monday — making for a particularly peculiar scene in Pueblo, where the prompter was set up in the middle of what is normally a rodeo ring.

Now why do I consider this dishonest? I’m sure Senator Obama does use a teleprompter to deliver speeches over a certain length, but the objective of this article is not to inform us about the oratory habits of the democratic candidate for president. The point of this article is to point to an imperfection in Senator Obama, to distract voters with a fallible candidate, (not that I’m implying that Senator Obama is infallible) rather than to focus on a pertinent issue like the content of the speech itself. It is noteworthy that the piece makes no mention of the visual aid habits of Senator McCain, who is known to read off of cue cards, which would at least make it balanced distractionist  “journalism”.


~ by antarcticparadise on September 16, 2008.

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